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How to Understand the Bible

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How to Understand the Bible    

How to Understand the Bible

The Bible is the world's best selling book... yet, in spite of the Bible's popularity, it has also been described as the world's most misunderstood book..

Have you been one of those who have found the Bible difficult to comprehend? Do you wish you knew how to better apply its timeless principles, how to use it to build a right relationship with its author, your Creator?

This eye-opening booklet will examine seven keys that will help open up this Book of books to your understanding.

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  • Is the Bible True?

    Is the Bible True?


    Can you believe the Bible? What is this book, really? Is it only a collection of ancient legends and literature, as many believe? What about scientific discoveries that "disprove" the Bible? These are crucial questions. Humanity faces challenges that threaten our very existence, yet all too often we ignore the one source that actually has the answers. Shouldn't we, then, check to see if this source really is true? This eye-opening booklet discusses these vital questions and helps you find the answers.

  • 12-Lesson Bible Study Course

    12-Lesson Bible Study Course


    Free 12-lesson Bible Study Course from the United Church of God, Australia. Die Bybel is vol raad om u te help in u loopbaan, huwelik, gesinsverhoudings, finansies, vriendskappe en elke ander belangrike aspek van die lewe. Maar vir baie mense kan dit moeilik wees om die Bybel te verstaan. Dit hoef nie so te wees nie! Ontdek die lewe se antwoorde in hierdie gratis 12-les Bybelstudiekursus...


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