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Welcome to our Bible Study library containing articles, guides and studies on a wide range of topics, suitable for brand new students of the Bible or for seasoned scholars.  All titles are freely available to read online, download, or you may also request your own free print copy of any title, as available.

Bible Study Guides

In-depth study guides

Our free booklets are designed to give you an in-depth study on a particular topic such as the Sabbath, God’s festivals or who Jesus Christ really is.

You can read them online or have a copy sent to your house completely free.

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12 Lesson Bible Course

A comprehensive, 12-lesson overview of the Bible

We designed this course to walk you through the basic lessons of the Bible. It will teach you why the Bible is true, how to study more effectively, and will answer some of life’s greatest questions. You will receive one lesson every month until you finish the course.

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Beyond Today Magazine


Official magazine of the United Church of God - Australia, featuring a wide variety of Bible-based topics and world analysis from the biblical perspective.

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Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ "proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom of God", expounding the Scriptures. We are committed to sharing that same original Christian message and encourage you to work through the library below. Our advice is always, "Don't believe us, believe the Bible". Each of our guides is carefully prepared to reflect the Spirit and Truth of the Word of God. Feel free to contact us for further information.


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